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20 Years !!   Ashley Bastian, Vernon Smith, and Steve Beals

Vernon Smith has worked his way from Vactor Operator to Cutter Truck Operator to Foreman.   In fact when Vernon started we were still installing Ultraliner PVC Fold & Form pipe.  Vernon has now installed well over 500,000’ of feet of CIPP liner ranging in diameter from 6”-36”.  We appreciate Vernon’s energy and drive for quality.

Steve Beals is an artist.  His talent for rebuilding aging structures that were built years ago by many different people using varying techniques all over Hampton roads is truly the skill if a craftsman.  As Joe McSweeney states, “his knowledge for setting up jobsites for any type of construction can’t be matched.”  Steve has installed tens of thousands of feet of traditional slip liner, pipe bursted sewers and installed countless internal joint seals.  His experience and drive for absolute perfection for each project he builds separates him from his peers.

Ashley Bastian, book keeper, den mother, counselor, payroll clerk.  No matter the title Ashley is the one who keeps us moving in the right direction.  When Ashley began here we were so small that she almost quit because there wasn’t enough to do!  So we added about 8 crews and 50 people to help her out.  Without her dedication and selfless hours on late nights and weekends the books would be a mess.  Ashley has been described by several full time CPA’s as one of the best book keepers they have had the privilege to work with and all of us at Tri-State Utilities agree.

Thanks to each of you for your hard work and contributions.

Promotions from within..

Nate Williams – Superintendent

Bryan Maynard – CIPP Foreman

Shawn Bailes – CCTV Foreman

Chris Schmidt – CIPP Foreman

Congratulations to each of our new Foreman and Nathan for making Superintendent.  We are very great full to have employees such as these to represent Tri-State Utilities.  Promotions from within the company are always healthiest for the organization.  In addition to these four gentlemen several others now have the opportunity to move up and advance their careers.

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