Town of Crewe, VA

Cameron Vaughan leads the CIPP Lining in the Town of Crewe

Cameron Vaughan leads the CIPP Lining in the Town of Crewe

A major sewer rehabilitation project is under way in the Town of Crewe, Virginia. The project consists of providing improvements to the sanitary sewer infrastructure to reduce inflow and infiltration. In order to do so, the project was divided into two parts. Division 1A is for work related the gravity sewer replacement and forcemain extension. Division 1B work pertains to sanitary sewer CIPP lining, manhole rehabilitation, as well as lateral lining.

Established in 1888, the Town of Crew is a small, rural South Central Virginia community located on Rt. 460 in Nottoway County. Funding for the project that included almost 40,000 lf of CIPP lining, rehabilitation of more than 100 manholes, and an anticipated 200 laterals was no small expense for the citizens of Crewe. For the project to move forward, government funding was an absolute necessity. The project is being financed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and the VA DEQ / VCWRLF (Virginia Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund). Coordination with these agencies, VDOT, Hurt & Proffitt (Town of Crewe’s engineer), Tri-State Utilities and its subcontractors has been of utmost importance for the monthly progress meetings.

The project was designed by Michael Wilson of Hurt & Proffitt, Inc. out of their Lynchburg, Va. office. I & I investigation began back in 2010. Preliminary Engineering reports were delivered to USDA and DEQ that same year. Digging, replacement, and trenchless technologies were not the only aspects to this project. A pump station needed to be designed as well. As Michael Wilson stated, “Upfront homework was crucial to make the progress of this project go so smooth.”

“The project is also going very well for D&S Contractors”, says Mike Shepherd as his crew completed rehabilitation of 77 manholes in the first two weeks they were on site. Nick Hollabaugh and his crew with BLD Services, Inc. have inspected 340 laterals and easily found 10% of those laterals that are to be capped or abandoned at the property line by performing CCTV Inspections.

There are a couple of questions that we should all be asking. How much I & I (Inflow & Infiltration) was reduced? And maybe more importantly, what will the savings be for the Town of Crewe at their wastewater treatment plant? We will be looking for those answers from Hurt & Proffitt in the near future.

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