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Tri-State Utilities proves that safety and production do go hand in hand.  With the release of NCCI’s Worker’s Compensation Modification Rates for 2017 we have reached an EMR of .79, down from .92 for the current year and continuing a downward trend of over 8 years.  At Tri-State Utilities, executive management has put safe working conditions as a priority for our employees.  This positive attitude toward safety from the top has helped to create a strong and realistic expectation of safe work conditions, well-maintained equipment, and open communication at all levels.

We like to say we have a safety committee that includes every employee, as everyone is free to reach out to the safety director to discuss concerns about safety, a safer way to do their job, or a safer tool to use.  Suggestions and input are taken from the guys on the front line when a new piece of equipment is developed and put into use.  Employee feedback is regularly solicited in order to provide the best tools for the jobs at hand.  In return, Tri-State Utilities has several safety incentive programs in place to reward employees for safe, injury-free work.

The true measure of our safety program is evident to everyone every day: a sign at our gate shows that Tri-State Utilities has worked 593 days without a Lost Time, Restricted Duty, or Job Transfer Injury (as of 7/22/2016).  As that number continues to grow, the pride of our employees grows and they have the confidence to know that they truly can expect to go home in the same condition in which they came to work that day…healthy and injury-free.”

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