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Tri-State Utilities has added a second Rausch CCTV Camera and Inspection Truck to the fleet. The highly modular Rausch M-Series pipe inspection system was designed around the 4-wheel drive streerable crawler/tractor platform L 135 with the Lafette Carriage.  Main features are listed below:

Main Features of the L 135 Tractor

  • Application range: 6” to 72” pipe diameter.
  • Inclination sensor, variable speed, and joystick controlled.
  • Stackable tires can be placed over currently equipped tires for faster setup.

Main Features of the Lateral Launch System 

  • Application range: 6” to 60” pipe diameter.
  • Up to 150 lf of lateral push distance.
  • Up to 550 lf of mainline camera cable.
  • Can position the lateral camera to launch into angles greater than 90 degrees.

Main Features of the Pan & Tilt Camera

  • Application range: 4” to 10” Lateral pipe diameter.
  • 300 degree pan, infinite rotation.
  • Integrated sonde transmitter, for tracing the lateral.
  • 6 high-power LED’s for superior illumination.

Main Feature of the KS 135 Scan and Laser Pipe Profiling System

  • Application range: 8” to 72” pipe diameter.
  • Two laser diodes for pipe profiling and crack measuring.
  • No field calibration or third party analysis required.


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