Rainy Days = Training Days

It’s been raining and it’s certainly been pouring, sure glad we don’t operate a sewage treatment plant!  The turn in the weather was quick and pronounced.  I’m still not ready to put away my trunks and flops yet last week I was in the back yard putting away the hammock before hurricane Joaquin blew it away.  Luckily for the entire east coast Joaquin decided to go to Europe for the fall, good riddance!

So what do you do with 50+ employees when it rains continuously for a week, TRAINING.   Over the past week Rob Eubanks, our Safety Officer provided VDOT Basic Work Zone Traffic Control training to another 11 TSU employees and 4 from another contractor needing the training.  We have extended this training to our skilled operators.  This greatly aids our superintendents and foremen by providing two trained traffic control persons on each job in most cases.  To date we have over 20 employees with at least the Basic Work Zone training and several with Intermediate Training.  We also held our monthly safety meeting which provides continuing education for our employees and provides an opportunity for our field crews to address concerns they may have about specific project sites.  The open dialogue at these meetings is most important.  The company benefits greatly from the feedback and ideas of all our staff.

Rainy Days Training DaysIn addition, this downtime can be a great time to apply for and obtain one of the many access passes we need to enter facilities.   That list seems to be growing each year, we now have the Twick , the Navy Base pass, the Rapid Gate pass, the LAFB pass (why one DOD pass doesn’t work I’ll never understand), each private industrial facility has their own pass and the all-important HRSD pass to dump the truck.   Keeping track of all the expirations is mind numbing, without a good week of rain we would never get them all sorted out.

We have also taken this time to make repairs to equipment, little things mostly.    The types of repairs you never really get around too because they don’t directly affect your daily production only your convenience.  So taking a rainy day to clean the camera, the crawler, change the wheels, apply a little RainX to lens and clear your head works well for both the equipment and the person.  We demand a lot from our employees and they in turn place rigorous demands on their equipment.  So although the rain may be affecting revenues we are making good use of the time by becoming better prepared to apply our trade when the rain stops and sunshine is back upon us. Please happen soon!!
Enjoy the fall.  We are very fortunate to live in an area that has four well defined seasons and our fall is one of my favorites.  Next time you get rained out crack open a fresh local oyster or sack of peanuts and prepare for the next sunny day.

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