Our Services

CIPP Liner

One of Tri-States methods for rehabilitating sewers and storm drains is by the trenchless …

Glass Reinforced Pipe

This product is a method of completely relining sanitary sewer and stormwater pipe ,…..

High Performance Cleaning

Our combination sewer cleaners are engineered to efficiently clean sanitary and storm sewers as well…

Mechanical Spot Repair

An economic way to provide an improved level of service when maintaining their sewer systems…..

CCTV Sewer Inspection

Tri-State uses powerful data acquisition and management software technology …

Continuous Fused Sliplining

Many times, for large diameter pipe, traditional sliplining is the most cost-effective, ….

Sectional Liners

The PipePatch® Sectional Point Repair Liner is another tool in Tri-States’ toolbox. ….

SSES Field Services

In addition to CCTV sewer inspection, Tri-State Utilities offers the following …

Other services we provide...

  • H.D.P.E. Pipe Fusing
  • Joint Testing & Sealing
  • Bypass Pumping
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Flowable Fill Pumping
  • Flow-monitoring
  • Grouting
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