Mt. Trashmore, Virginia Beach, Virginia

World-renowned Mount Trashmore Park is an example of landfill reuse, as its creation consisted of the conversion of an abandoned landfill into a park.  The park encompasses 165 acres and is comprised of two man-made mountains that are 60 feet high and 800 feet long.  The park also features a smaller mountain, Encore Hill, and two lakes. Lake Windsor (located along South Blvd.) is brackish water fed by Thalia Creek.  Lake Trashmore (located along Edwin Drive) is freshwater and hosts various species of fish.  There are also two playgrounds, a skate park with a vertical ramp, and multi-use paths.

Tri-State Utilities won the bid to install 1,000 lf of 15”- 66” RCP storm drain in an existing ditch.  The ditch will then be backfilled with over 7,000 cubic yards of fill and fine graded for ornamental tree planting and landscaping.

Tri-State Utilities’ crew installs 66” RCP at Mt. Trashmore in Va. Beach

Chad Edwards, TSU’s Construction Foreman, shared that the most challenging part of the job was the installation of the Port-A-Dam.  120’ length x 12’ height proved to take more time to install than originally anticipated.

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