Mineral’s Sewage System Scheduled for Overhaul

As reported by Andrew Woolfolk of the Central Virginian, members of the Mineral, Va. Town Council thought the sewage bills stunk. In an effort to reduce the thousands of dollars spent in treating the town’s sewage, Mineral Town Council is working with Tri-State Utilities to map out, clean and line the town’s sewage system. The process is expected to stop the leakage of storm water into the system where holes and cracks in the Town’s old pipe have been caused by the rampant growth of tree roots. According to Mineral Town Manager Sal Luciano and Council Member Tom Runnett, approximately 12,000 lf of Cured-In-Place Pipe could pay for itself within three to five years. “We’ve been paying and paying to take care of all the infiltrated water and we’re hoping this project will take a load off,” Runnett said. “We’re hoping this will stop that infiltration process.” For the entire story, see The Central Virginian dated Feb. 20, 2014.

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