Job Site Safety. Worker’s Comp EMR Goes from 0.98 – 0.92

WorkMansCompDropMore than just a manual, another submittal, or formality it must become a part of the culture of your company.  We are very proud of our safety program so much so that all of our co-workers in the field received cash bonuses at the August safety meeting for 6 months (82,361 hours) without a recordable loss time incident.  Not only does this achievement help maintain cost; but, more importantly it means all of our coworkers went home with all of their fingers and toes safely to their families.

I can recall a time when a gas detector was unheard of, or worse, was a burning cigarette butt tossed into a manhole to test for explosiveness (Thankfully this memory is from a previous employer).  I’m sure most of us reading this can also recall not wearing seatbelts (it wasn’t always a law!)  Now it has become second nature to buckle up as you start the vehicle.  If you ever try driving around the block without a seatbelt it just feels scary and uncomfortable.  I receive the same feedback from our coworkers regarding gas detectors, tripods and trench boxes.  I’m glad we have engrained a culture of safety with our coworkers so that they feel uncomfortable when they knowingly take a short cut.  Furthermore, we hope that they can recognize potential safety problems when presented a unique or new situation.

WorkersCompWorker safety includes more than a harness or gas detector.  At Tri-State we also focus on our health.  Taking in the proper amount of water and protein keeps us alert and strong throughout the day.  In years past we served doughnuts at our monthly safety meetings, a few years back we switched to bananas, yogurt and protein bars. This change was welcomed with very boisterous boo’s and objections not worthy of print.  However, recently as a treat I stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way to the office and picked up 5 dozen doughnuts, I had to hand them out to get rid of them!  So the health push must be working.  Enjoy this quarters’ newsletter and thank you for considering Tri-State Utilities.

Andy McSweeney, President

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