HRSD (Design-Bid-Build) Pilot Project

Connor Mathis of Tri-State Utilities and Scott Kenney of WR&A learn how to operate the Raush Lateral Launch System.

Tri-State Utilities is using for the first time the new Rausch Lateral Launch System on the HRSD – Locality System Monitoring and Condition Assessment (Design – Bid – Build Pilot) Project overseen by WR&A.  HRSD is undertaking this project to rehabilitate area sanitary sewers as part of a larger, federally mandated program to reduce the likelihood of sewage overflows during rainstorms.  The project will also improve the system’s performance and ensure continued, reliable service in the future.  CIPP (Cured-In-Place Pipe) lining of the sanitary sewer mainlines are now complete.  Laterals and Sewer Manholes are now being rehabilitated or replaced.

As in most cases of rehabilitation projects, disruption to traffic has been minimized and a single line of traffic has been maintained. No planned detours have been anticipated but flagging has been used to help direct traffic when needed. Although the majority of the project work is located within the public and private right-of-ways, much of the construction has been “trenchless,” meaning Tri-State Utilities has not needed to dig up the street to fix the pipes.

Nick Hollobaugh of BLD Services, Inc. prepares to CIPP line another sewer lateral

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