Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!  We wish you all a safe and profitable year.

We finished last year without a recordable lost time injury!  This is always the goal at the top of the list; you cannot be profitable if your employees are going home injured.  We, Joe and I, sleep much sounder at night knowing everyone is healthy and with their families.

We added new services last year which included laser profiling and lateral inspection via a lateral launch camera from Rausch.  Both of these processes are extremely impressive.  We have recently completed a Post Inspection project of new sanitary sewers using the laser profiler as an alternative to traditional mandrel testing.  We have also completed the inspection of about 100 laterals in Newport News as part of the HRSD pilot project using the lateral launcher.  The video quality of this camera system is incredible.

New and ground breaking technologies are coming for 2016.  We are very excited about the new technologies developed by CIPP Corporation.  Many of these new technologies are in the final stages of testing and will be presented to the market during the spring trade show circuits.  Stay tuned for our spring newsletter for announcements!  (IT’S GONNA BE BIG)

Congratulations to our own John Saintsing for being elected the 2016 President of HRUHCA.  John has served on the Board of Directors in addition to participating on multiple committees since coming to work for Tri-State.  To be elected President of an association comprised of your peers is a great honor and recognition.  Congratulations John we are sure you will serve our industry well.

Finally, we said goodbye to our good friend and coworker Pedro da Silva.  We miss you my friend, may God bless your family and provide them strength and peace.

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