Q:  Where can Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) be used?

A:  The CIPP method of pipe rehabilitation is an option for municipalities everywhere, and it is on the approved products list for VDOT and NCDOT.  It is applicable for round, elliptical, and CMP pipe arches ranging in size from 6” diameter to 120” diameter.  The CIPP Method is used for gravity sewers and storm drains as well as pressure pipes including both sanitary sewer Forcemain and water mains.

VDOT setup on I-64 HOV Lane / Norfolk, Va.


Q:  What are the advantages of CIPP and other Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation products?

A:  In comparison to traditional open-cut construction or replacement, trenchless sewer rehabilitation is less disruptive, can be completed on a shorter schedule, and generally costs about 25% of replacement.   Typically we can install, cure and reinstate the services on a 250’ section of sewer in an 8 hour day.  When the residents return home from work they don’t even realize a new sewer main that will last at least 50 years was installed while they were gone.

Q:  What is the life expectancy of the new CIPP liner?

A:  CIPP has been third party tested and has an engineered service life of 50 years based on ASTM F1216.  The service life is based on extrapolation of testing data of the liner’s physical properties.  The EPA sponsored a study recently covering this topic the link is www.johnwillfindit.com

Q:  Should I use Glass Reinforced Pipe Liners (GRP) instead of traditional felt liner?

A:   GRP liners are a great product for certain situations such as pressure pipes, shallow pipes or very deep pipes that need rehabilitation.  Otherwise the use of standard felt materials is more than adequate to support the loads applied to the liner.  Over that past 30 years the resins used in CIPP liners have evolved to provide increased strength and durability.  The resins used in today’s CIPP liners are over twice as strong as resins used in the 1970-‘s.  We like to compare this use of GRP liners with the use of Ductile Iron pipe, when you need the extra strength choose the Ductile Iron.  Otherwise manage your budget properly and use the best and most economical product for the job just as you would with new PVC pipe.

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