City of Fairfax, Virginia

Project Manager Craig Welsh and Superintendent Charlie Vaughan review plans for project.

Over the last year Tri-State Utilities and Woolpert have been working in collaboration to assist the City of Fairfax on their progressive approach to sanitary sewer rehabilitation and for the last 15 years and teamed together with Woolpert’s staff to prioritize and identify problematic areas with the City’s aging sanitary sewer infrastructure.  Woolpert organized the data collected by TSU to generate an overview of Fairfax’s sanitary system.  Craig Welsh (TSU) and Travis Davis (Woolpert) met with City Operations personnel, discussed and identified alternatives, and selected a project area in the Daniel’s Run section of the city.

After prioritizing, the pipes can be tabulated and mapped into a GIS, with rehabilitation costs estimated for each.  Pipes can be grouped into annual projects that conform to budget constraints.  The best methods of rehabilitation for each pipe (pipe replacement vs. CIPP lining) can then be evaluated based on factors such as constructability and site conditions.

The project began construction in November of 2015 and consists of approximately 2,300 linear feet of CIPP for 18” reinforced concrete pipe rehabilitation.  The project is progressing along successfully and is slated to be completed within the next month.
This program is the first of its kind for the City of Fairfax and is proving to be off to a good start.

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