About Tri-State Utilities™

about-ariel-shot[1]In 1990, Tri-State Utilities was founded by Steven F. McSweeney. Steve’s intent was to provide (ever evolving) technical services to support the maintenance needs of municipal utility departments. Going into our 25th year Tri-State has emerged as the regional “authority” in trenchless utility rehabilitation and now employs over 65 people.

In 2007 Steve passed the day to day management of the company into the capable hands of his two sons, Andy & Joe. With the help of many dedicated employees, we have been able to maintain the high level of technical expertise that Steve intended.

Today our services include Pipe Cleaning, CCTV Inspection, Smoke and Dye testing, Grouting, HDPE Slip-lining, and trenchless pipe lining featuring the C.I.P.P. Corp. cured in place process. In order to perform those services effectively, you need dependable equipment and Tri-States fleet is modern and state of the art. Our Vactors, inspection rigs, boiler trucks, winches, backhoes, and dump trucks are all up to date and maintained to maximize production and eliminate costly down time.

All of our employees are trained in the latest industry technologies and safety procedures and we employ a full time professional safety officer. We also operate a drug free work force and are very proud of our people and their accomplishments. As a tribute to our employees, Tri-State has earned NUCA’s National Safety Award, and was named Hampton Roads Utility and Heavy Contractor Associations Contractor of the Year for 2000, and 2008.

Our goal is to provide a service that meets the needs of our customers and improves the environment.